Marcus Zanona | Senior Web Consultancy

Hi, I’m Marcus
I could say I am a senior consultant, full-stack developer, product engineer, crazy scientist, unicorn 🦄,
but I really like experimenting with new technologies and implementing online systems from the ground up.

Internet has been my passion since I was twelve (thirty+ now), and from that moment I have been learning, experimenting and working with the web.

During the past years I have been working as a web consultant, through my corporate identity (Z&Co), mainly for the awesome folks at BakerWilcox, a multi-disciplinary design agency based in London, UK.

Outside consulting, my passion is focused on creating tools that streamline my work process and automate tasks in general while improving its outcome. I then share these tools with the world through Open-Source projects under Github, because that's how I believe software should be created.

The passion for crafting my own tools, motivated me to start working on 2 side-projects that are due to be released soon. (watch this space) I am excited to share those with the world since I believe it will not only help myself, but thousands of professionals that face day-to-day problems like I do while trying to organise their work.

After experimenting with many programming languages such as Ruby, Objective-C, C#, Python, I got hooked by Javascript. Even though, I don't think there will ever be a perfect programming language for every situation, after all, these are just means to an end where I try not to get too attached to syntax or frameworks (unless performance is affected, #perfmatters). I simply rather focus on good results.

I do believe though, that Javascript offers the best of both worlds (front and back-end) nowadays and the community is just fantastic, being much quicker to get open-source projects growing and collaboration flowing.

Lately, I have been working a lot with managed infrastructure solutions (the so called “serverless”) that are event-driven and also completely scalable, such as AWS Lambda, API Gateway, (ElasticSearch as database) and Google Cloud Platform. But mostly amazed with Google’s Firebase apps as being my go-to solution to get products shipped sooner.

Let’s collaborate Get in touch

All in all, I should be an easy person to talk to (at least my mum tells me so), so if you feel like we could collaborate or just chat, drop me a message on twitter, email or the chat thingy to the right.😎

If you prefer a good ol’ phone call, reach me through
+1 (604) 670-5276 from US/Canada or +44 7481 346820 from UK.